What do scientists and magicians have in common?

They do stuff and something fascinating or unbelievable comes out!

But unlike magicians scientists don’t hide their “tricks”, on the contrary, in their published papers, they explain how the results were generated and why their work contributes to science.
The audience of those papers are other scientists from the same field, so a regular person is nearly unable to understand what was done or what the results mean.

I am a scientist and within this blog I try to explain what I am doing, understandable and easy.

Currently I am a PhD student in Information Engineering Technology at the University of Ghent in Belgium. I am working there in the Semantic Web Group of the IDLab (Internet Technology And Data Science Lab).
I am born and raised in Germany and also studied there, so my mother tongue is German. That is also the reason why you’ll find a logical German translation for every blog post.

computer science photo